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Russell M Dean BSc DC (UK)
Propietario de la clínica

Russell M Dean BSc DC (UK)

Russell M Dean BSc DC (UK)

Registrado en el General Chiropractic Council UK
Miembro de la Asociación Española de Quiropráctica (AEQ)
Miembro de la Unión Europea de Quiroprácticos (European Chiropractors Union)

Russell se licenció en Quiropráctica en la Universidad Anglo-European College, Inglaterra, en el 1991.

Con más de veinte años de experiencia profesional, ha dirigido y trabajado en clínicas de Londres y Windsor (Inglaterra), y desde hace 4 años en Sant Cugat.

A fin de complementar su gran experiencia y ofrecer siempre el mejor servicio en Remedy Centre Sant Cugat, Russell está en constante aprendizaje de nuevas técnicas y métodos si caben aún más efectivos y seguros, y con la máxima evidencia científica posible.

Se pone un especial énfasis en valorar el funcionamiento de la columna vertebral y del sistema nervioso, para que puedas entender a qué nivel estás “trabajando” en este momento. Asimismo se realiza una Análisis Digital Postural.

Medimos los avances conseguidos al mismo tiempo que el cuerpo se recupera de molestias o de una lesión concreta, se actúa sobre la causa del problema y entonces el cuerpo puede funcionar a un nivel superior.

Siguiendo este método no solo puedes notar las mejorías sino también puedes beneficiarte de un historial comparativo.

El estilo de vida que sigas es fundamental- es importante analizar las causas que puedan estar provocando las interferencias o restricciones en la columna, y hacer todo lo posible para rectificarlo o mejorarlo. Te ayudaremos a entenderlo.

Russell se ha formado en las técnicas quiroprácticas de Diversified, Técnica Sacro Occipital y Protocol Neuro Impulse.

Russell M Dean BSc DC

What is your mission?

“We aim to help patients get healthy, and stay healthy, for a lifetime.

I believe that just as everyone has a dentist, everyone should have a chiropractor to care for their spinal health.

The average age that a patient first consults a chiropractor is 47. Imagine if tomorrow you were to visit a dentist for the first time in your life. And that you had never brushed your teeth on a regular basis, if at all!”

What if people are not sure if Chiropractic is for them?

“The priority of the initial exam is to determine if I can help them or not. If I feel that they would be better seeing another health professional I shall refer them appropriately.

Other than that, they are welcome to contact us by phone or email to ask as many questions as they like. I would encourage them  come to one of our FREE health talks that we hold regularly, or just to visit the clinic and “get a feel” for us. For information on the health talks just contact the clinic.”

Tell us about your education?

“I qualified as a Chiropractor in 1991, obtaining a BSc in Chiropractic after four years´study the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, England. At the time this was the main chiropractic college of Europe, and the only one at which you could qualify with degree status.”

What about your career?

“With more than 20 years’ experience, I have owned and worked at clinics in London, Windsor, and, since 2008, here in Sant Cugat. My clinic in Windsor employed three other chiropractors, plus medical doctors and physiotherapists. It was the largest spinal health clinic in the area and we were privileged to treat many of the local “celebrities”! ”

What do you feel is important in everyday practice?

“As well as excellence of care, for which I regularly update my clinical skills and health knowledge at post-graduate seminars, I think it is important to offer excellence of “service” to patients, so that the whole chiropractic experience produces high satisfaction.”

How Do You Know What Individual Patients Need?

“We place special emphasis on measuring the effective functioning of the neurospinal system. Through measuring objective parameters such as digital postural analysis, spinal movement and other chiropractic tests, I am able to give you a “grade” as to the health performance of your spine. And then formulate a health plan based on those findings.

By constantly reviewing your health grade we can track your objective progress as well as how you feel (subjective).

We believe in addressing and relieving the causes of your problems, not just the symptoms.

Most of our health issues are caused by our lifestyle choices, and we will look to help you with these.

You have a choice, always, as to what you want to achieve with our care – symptom relief, correcting the underlying cause, or seeking the highest level of health performance that you can.

Let us know what you want to achieve, and we will show you how to do that.”

What techniques do you use?

Over 23 years I have learned many different chiropractic techniques, so I am able to customise care appropriately for what suits each individual best.  Please feel free to ask us if you have any specific questions about techniques used.

Call now on 0034 93 544 1916 to reserve your first visit and exam.